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The Recruiter

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Propeller Films

Propeller Films is a Brooklyn-based feature film production company. We independently produce projects we are passionate about, setting out to make socially relevant films for movie lovers. Although we see filmmaking as a tool to raise social and political awareness, we are committed first and foremost to good storytelling (and keeping our audiences thinking but entertained).

“Like documentary masters such as Frederick Wiseman, filmmaker Edet Belzberg pierces the armor of a powerful institution by smartly letting her camera capture what is going on.” - The Hollywood Reporter (The Recruiter)

“Belzberg's unsparing camera [and] fearless aesthetic is ... a measure of the film's brilliant indictment of any society that can allow its most vulnerable to slip into oblivion.” - Variety (Children Underground)

“A heartrending act of courage in the guise of a documentary film.” - Newsday (Children Underground)

Who we are

Propeller Films was founded by Edet Belzberg (Children Underground, The Recruiter). Belzberg is an Academy Award-nominated filmmaker whose films cross cultures and continents to tell stories that might not otherwise be heard.

In 1999 Belzberg traveled to Romania to film the Sundance prize-winning Children Underground, an examination of the lives of homeless children, often barely surviving on the streets of Bucharest. It was Children Underground that first introduced Belzberg’s distinctive aesthetic and her cinéma vérité style, both of which she used again in The Recruiter. Filmed over the period of two years in Louisiana, The Recruiter was Belzberg’s response to reading the obituaries of American soldiers who were fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. Feeling disconnected from the lives and experiences of these soldiers, Belzberg sought to discover the people behind the headlines. The Recruiter is a portrait of a few of these individuals and of the recruiter who handles their enlistment. After receiving a strong audience response Belzberg launched a website exclusively dedicated to The Recruiter curriculum and outreach materials, which had been designed to deepen audiences’ engagement with the issues the film raises.

Today the Propeller Films’ team consists of the creative minds behind our upcoming documentary feature, Watchers of the Sky. Inspired by Samantha Power’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book “A Problem From Hell,” Watchers of the Sky explores genocide and the world’s response. Interweaving the lives of four contemporary human rights visionaries, the film sets out to uncover the exceptional story of Raphael Lemkin, a forgotten humanitarian who coined the term ‘genocide’ and almost single handedly convinced the UN to pass the Genocide Convention. Filmed over the course of six years, from Chad to Belarus to Rwanda to the UN and back, the film has an anticipated release of Fall 2012.

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